Astronomy and astrophotography under California stars
Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and the Pleiades
Conjunction of the Moon, Three Planets, and a Star Cluster
Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and the Pleiades behind a Joshua Tree at GMARS. Click for a larger version.
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Optics Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L lens at f/4.0
Mount Manfrotto Tripod
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II [ unmodified ]
Exposure 20 seconds (2 x 10 seconds) at ISO 400
Calibration 1 dark per light | 0 flats | 0 bias
Air Temperature 58°F
Location GMARS in Landers, California
Date March 24, 2012
Notes The Moon (bright object at bottom), Jupiter (next object up), Venus (next object up), and the Pleiades (M45, the small grouping of stars) shine behind a joshua tree at GMARS in Landers, CA.

Processing: Two images combined, curves, levels, unsharp mask, resize and JPG compression in Photoshop.