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Total Solar Eclipse with Outer Corona and Earth Shine
August 21, 2017
Total Solar Eclipse with Earth Shine. August 21, 2017. Taken from Jay Em, Wyoming using a Canon EOS 6D and Takahashi FS-60Q. Click the image for a larger version.
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Optics Takahashi FS-60Q – 60mm f/10 quadruplet apochromatic refractor
Camera Canon EOS 6D
Mount Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer
Exposure 1/8th (ISO 100) to 3.2 seconds (ISO 250)
Calibration 0 darks | 0 flats | 0 bias
Air Temperature
Location Farm land on Highway 85 in Jay Em, Wyoming
Date August 21, 2017
Notes Processing: Image acquisition was controlled using Eclipse Orchestrator. Stacking, unsharp mask, crop, resize, and JPG compression in Photoshop.

Regulus, the brightest star of the constellation Leo, is seen at lower left.

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