Astronomy and astrophotography under California stars

Links to Useful Sites for the Amateur Astronomer

Manufacturers & Retailers

Advanced Telescope Systems (ATS)
AG Optical Systems
Alpine Astronomical
Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird
Andor (Apogee) Imaging Systems
Astro-Physics Telescopes & Mounts
Canon EOS Digital Cameras
Deep Sky Instruments
Dynamic Perception (Stage Zero Dolly/MX2)
Finger Lakes Instrumentation
Gemini Control Center - René Görlich
Gerd Neumann Jr. Accessories
Hap Griffin DSLR Camera Modifications
Hutech Astronomical Products
Jim's Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Losmandy Astronomical Products
Meade Instruments Corporation
Oceanside Photo & Telescope (OPT)
Optec, Inc.
Parallax Instruments
Peterson Engineering
SBIG CCD Cameras by Diffraction Limited
Scopeguard Telescope Cases
Spike-a Flat Fielder
Starlight Instruments, Inc. (Focusers)
Starlight Xpress (CCD cameras)
Stellarvue Telescopes
Takahashi America (Land, Sea & Sky)
TeleVue Optics

Classified Ads

Cloudy Nights Classifieds
The Recycler (for southern California)

Southern California Events & Groups

Antelope Valley Astronomical Society
Friends of the Mount Wilson Observatory
Julian Starfest
Los Angeles Astronomical Society
Mountain Skies Astronomical Society
Orange County Astronomers
Riverside Astronomical Society
RTMC Astronomy Expo
San Diego Astronomy Association
SoCalAstroPhoto Yahoo! Group
Southern California Astronomy Exposition

Professional Observatories

Big Bear Solar Observatory
Cerro Paranal (VLT)
Cerro Tololo
Hubble Space Telescope
La Silla Paranal Observatory
Las Campanas Observatory
Kitt Peak
Lick Observatory
Mauna Kea Observatories
Mt. Wilson Observatory
Palomar Observatory

Amateur & Pro Astrophotographers

Rogelio Bernal Andreo | Adam Block | Chris Cook | Russell Croman | Mark de Regt | Ivan Eder | Robert Gendler | Tony & Daphne Hallas | Jeff Herman | Chris Hetlage | Warren Keller | Jerry Lodriguss | Tom Lowe | Chris Schur | Leonardo Orazi | Andrea Tamanti | Jon Talbot | Chuck Vaughn | Richard Wright

Publications & News

Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Now Magazine
Sky & Telescope Magazine
SkyNews Magazine
Universe Today

Materials, Parts, Tools & Reference

Amazon Supply
Cleaning Digital Cameras
Digital Photography Reviews
ePlastics (Plexiglas sheets)
GlareBuster Outdoor Lighting
Glowhut (EL panels)
Harvard Ephemerides & Orbital Elements
Heavens Above
Jerry Lodriguss's Guide to Astrophotography
Luminous Film (EL panels)
McMaster-Carr Parts & Supplies
Micro-Tools (DSLR cleaning equipment)
NOAA Magnetic Declination Calculator
NASA J-Track Satellite Viewer
Pelican Cases
Professional Plastics (Plexiglas sheets)
Precise Parts
StarDate Online
TAP Plastics (Plexiglas sheets)
Ron Wodaski's The New CCD Astronomy
Ron Wodaski's The Zone System


AstroArt by MSB
Astronomy Control Panel
Astronomy Tools by Noel Carboni
Cartes du Ciel
CCD Autopilot by CCDWare
CCD Commander
CCD Inspector by CCDWare
CCDSoft by Software Bisque
CCDStack by CCDWare
ImagesPlus by Mike Unsold
MaxImDL by Diffraction Limited/Cyanogen
Nebulosity by Stark Labs
Noise Ninja
PEMPro by CCDWare
PHD Guiding by Stark Labs
Photoshop by Adobe
TheSky by Software Bisque
Star Trails